Continuous stock levels: OMNIA PLASTICA’s response to the COVID-19 emergency

Continuous stock levels: OMNIA PLASTICA’s response to the COVID-19 emergency


OMNIA PLASTIC is working: the company’s economic response to the COVID-19 emergency, in reality already part of its existing strategy, consists in constantly supplying its warehouse to ensure prompt and rapid order processing. Its philosophy is a virtuous combination of business model, passion, willpower and courage. #yeswework

Effective and efficient order processing even during the COVID emergency

Thanks to its proven and meticulous approach to warehouse management, OMNIA PLASTICA has been able to address the current health crisis with already consolidated procedures. OMNIA PLASTICA has always purchased raw materials in Europe, processing them in its own facilities in Italy. The current health crisis has endorsed the warehouse policy forever implemented by the company, which strives to maximise stock so as to guarantee immediate order processing. An approach that has always gone against the tide with respect to many multinationals that tend to view the warehouse exclusively as a cost and not as a service to the client. To date, OMNIA PLASTICA’s nonconformist policy has generated its fair share of advantages: many clients, including important multinationals and public companies, are now sourcing from the company, endorsing the choice for “production in Lombardy, Italy”.

Economic consequences of COVID emergency

The health alert sparked by COVID-19 is bringing the world economy to its knees. As we’ve seen in the last few weeks, it is practically impossible to circumscribe the contagion to one country alone, and its repercussions will not be limited to any one industry. OMNIA PLASTICA, like the majority of Italian and foreign companies, is implementing specific measures to limit the economic consequences of the limited circulation of people and goods. One of the essential measures for the containment and correct management of the problem is the transmission of reliable and constant internal and external information.

Measures taken by OMNIA PLASTICA to prevent the diffusion of the coronavirus

To slow down the diffusion of the coronavirus, OMNIA PLASTICA has first and foremost sensitised all its employees in relation to the correct application of personal hygiene rules (washing your hands often and avoiding close interpersonal contact), inviting everybody to abide by the ministerial recommendations concerning the proper cleaning of work surfaces. Moreover, the company has implemented staff rotation in its various departments so as to increase the interchangeability of human resources, which, in the event of an emergency, can compensate for any difficulties or staff shortages.

Useful information for foreign clients and suppliers

There is a strong focus on the efficient exchange of information with foreign clients and suppliers. One of the company’s main objectives is to transmit correct information in regards to health precautions, purifying media reports of sensationalist elements. OMNIA PLASTICA and Italy haven’t stopped and are still working relentlessly, albeit in respect of national, European and worldwide directives. All company departments are making every effort to cope with the natural delays in deliveries due to transport restrictions in one of the sectors hardest hit by the emergency.

Globalisation and the national economy

Globalisation is today an important factor of international growth. In any case, in emergency situations such as the one we are currently experiencing, it becomes particularly important to endorse one’s own country and national economy in a reciprocal show of support.
We are engaging in an economic policy of local support and we recognise the important message promoted by the Federation of Employers of the Province of Varese: #yeswework.