New planer for process optimisation

New planer for process optimisation

How to be effective in industrial processes?
How can you guarantee the right price/product/service ratio for your customers?
For example, by choosing the correct machinery to perform specific machining operations.
Over-qualified machinery, designed to perform complex machining operations, should not be used for minor and simpler operations because this will eventually affect operating time and raise the final cost of the product.

The case study: planers instead of pantographs and milling cutters

In the field of semi-finished plastic products, machine shops often plane sheets to bring them to the desired thickness and to eliminate surface tension in particularly complex machining operations using numerically controlled machining operations such as pantographs or, worse, milling cutters. This is not the task of pantographs and milling cutters: there is no point in engaging such machines to do a simple planing job. The result is wasted time and high costs.

The Right Machine for Every Job

Omnia Plastica continues in its policy of investing in plastics processing to provide a better service to the customer. 
Our new planer can operate on sheets up to 1500 mm wide, quickly and cost-effectively, leaving the more complex processing to pantographs and milling cutters.

Thickness planer with roller and floating table 

The new thickness planer with rollers and floating table enables large sheets to be planed down to the tenth of a millimetre. Its function is to create sheets of uniform thickness.

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