Photovoltaic system installation completed at Omnia Plastica

Photovoltaic system installation completed at Omnia Plastica

Another significant step towards truly sustainable production was taken in Omnia plastica with the recent installation of photovoltaic solar panels.
Our building dedicated part of its roof to house efficient solar panels that now generate over 400 KW of electricity daily.
The energy is dedicated to the energy needs of the company, which, in this way, brings its production even closer to its 'Carbon Neutrality' goal.

Another step towards Carbon Neutrality

Perhaps not everyone knows that almost half of the electricity purchased in Italy comes from Switzerland, a third from France and the rest from Slovenia and Austria. A large part of the energy produced in our country also depends on supplies of foreign energy raw materials.
A key step to move towards our sustainable goals is to obtain our electricity needs from a clean source. We have chosen solar.

Why equip our company with a photovoltaic system

Equipping with photovoltaics means choosing an energy supply system from a renewable source (the sun), demonstrating a concrete commitment to environmental care. 
By using self-produced clean energy (and not derived from fossil sources), the company contributes to reducing the demand for energy from non-renewable sources such as coal, with a positive impact on the environment. 
Finally, the choice is consistent with the path we have decided to take, which is the way towards zero CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions.

Next sustainable choices for our future

The decision to provide our company with a photovoltaic plant was taken well before the energy crisis that occurred with the conflicts in Eastern Europe and is dictated by a specific will and a detailed strategic plan to minimise the impact of our production on the environment.
There are many other actions planned to act in this direction and that will soon be implemented to enable us to successfully achieve this goal.