Welcome to the new 1250-ton BMB injection moulding machine!

Welcome to the new 1250-ton BMB injection moulding machine!

The BMB is the biggest injection moulding machine so far acquired by Omnia Plastics.
We completed its installation in our production plant in Busto Arsizio (Varese, Italy) a few days ago, and it will soon be completed with the associated robot for parts unloading handling.

Injection moulding machine: large parts automatically

The integration of BMB into our machinery park confirms the company's orientation towards niche production.
Specifically, the new machine will enable us to produce large parts and surfaces fully automatically.

Injection moulding machine for polycarbonate

The new moulding machine is equipped with specific systems that allow us to mould an important material such as polycarbonate: very resistant and used in all products that require high impact resistance.

With the new machine, omniaplastica continues the improvement of a complete in-house production line, able to take care of any processing, autonomously managing even the most critical production steps to ensure maximum control and quality.

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Injection moulding machine: what is it?

The injection moulding machine is an essential tool in the plastic moulding industry.
It consists of a die and, possibly, a punch.

Injection moulding involves the casting of a plastic material, which is injected at high pressure into a closed mould. Injection requires high pressure and high temperatures.
In its automatic version, the injection moulding machine enables high-speed moulding under programmed control.