Omniaplastica: Italy's only manufacturer of cast PA6

Omniaplastica: Italy's only manufacturer of cast PA6

Omnia plastica owns the record of being, in Italy, the only producer of cast PA6, i.e. polymerised cast.
Customers can rely on us for the production of unique cast PA6 products, even of large dimensions.

PA6 cast: production techniques

Cast PA6 is produced by chemical anionic polymerisation.
In this process, liquid precursors yield a solid polymer (PA6) with some of the highest mechanical strength performance in plastics.

When to choose anionic polymerisation

Anionic polymerisation of caprolactam allows the production of large polyamide (PA6) semi-finished products where extrusion cannot meet these requirements.

The practical case

A practical example of this production process is the protagonist of our picture: a piece of rebar with a diameter of 850 mm and a thickness of 160 mm.
The bar was manufactured entirely in our factory. 
The two core surfaces were machined without the aid of CNC machines at our Italian technology centre, so that very little residual processing was left for our end customer.

Count on us for your large designed components

Contact us: we can design, together with you, the best solution for your sections, tubes, cubes, parallelepipeds and all kinds of different shapes of custom-designed components.
Thanks to the best available technology, we are able to produce your custom-made part in the desired size thanks to anionic polymerisation.