Ballistic Helmet

Ballistic Helmet

Omnia plastica, a company specialised in the production of plastic stock shapes and finished products, is today able to produce ballistic helmets in compliance with STANAG 2920 and NIJ 0104-02 standards.

Ballistic Resistance

STANAG 2920 is a specific standard used to evaluate ballistic resistance and is recognised in all NATO member states. STANAG 2920, just like EN166, does not define a minimum protection level but rather allows the V50 speed to be specified, which is the speed at which a bullet has a 50% chance of penetrating the material.

Ballistic Helmets

Omnia plastica ballistic helmets guarantee an excellent balance between protection, durability and comfort. Designed specifically to facilitate use, even long-term, our ballistic helmet is aimed at all safety, police and special forces operators. 

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Omnia Plastica: plastic stock shapes.

The company, with head offices in Busto Arsizio, has more than 60 years’ experience in the production of engineering plastic stock shapes and industrial technical parts.

Omnia plastica is an international group comprised of various business units each specialised in the different  moulding processes and polycarbonate surface treatments.Our production, thanks to composite fibre moulding, ranges from motorcycle helmets to protective helmets used by law enforcement agencies, and even protective visors, covering the entire range of plastic stock shapes obtainable through plastic injection moulding, RIM moulding, casting and extrusion.